Perfectly Imperfect

I've never been a neat person. However, when it comes to my creativity, I've always been a perfectionist. One might assume that this is an excellent trait for an artist, but it turns out to be quite counterproductive at times. 

In high school, I struggled to complete my art class assignments on time. I was so focused on getting my drawing/painting/sculpture perfect that my creativity and originality were killed in the process. I'll never forget the day my teacher took our erasers from us and gave us thirty minutes to draw a portrait of the person sitting next to us. Initially, being forced to accept all the mistakes I had made felt like torture. Eventually, I began to see the value in it. 

Being afraid to make mistakes, encourages procrastination. It prevents us from living the most beautifully messy, adventurous lives we can possibly live. If you are constantly waiting for the perfect time to go on a vacation, start a business, tell someone you love them or start a family, it will never happen. 

Don't get me wrong though. Being a perfectionist in some aspects of life is great. As it pertains to the actual making of our jewelry, I tap into my inner OCD, perfectionist self lol. Being able to finish a piece neatly allows the customer to truly appreciate your work and brings more value to the piece.
Throughout this journey, I've learned that being an entrepreneur requires boldness and a willingness to take risks. It's about understanding the balance between striving for perfection and embracing the imperfect. 

Until next time,
Sentwali Siwatu

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