Shipping Time: The period taken by the shipping company to deliver your package AFTER your order has been processed. Siwatu Jewelry is not liable for delays caused by the shipping company, destination country customs or custom fees (if applicable).

Processing Time: The length of time between when an item is ordered and paid for and when it is ready for shipment. See processing times in the description of each product.


Registered mail. Comprehensive online tracking. Delivery time is between 3-5 and 5-7 Business Days (depending on the destination country) AFTER your order has been processed. The shipping cost is $16.

Insured Registered mail. Comprehensive online tracking. Mandatory for all orders over $350. Delivery time is 2-5 Business Days AFTER your order has been processed. The shipping cost is $75.


This service is offered by Tara Courier Services Ltd. Packages are registered and can be tracked by calling 1-888-TARACAN or 926-7982 Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 5pm.

Your package will be delivered directly to your door step. Simply provide your home or work address during checkout. 

Delivery time is 1-2 Business Days AFTER your order has been processed. Delivery cost is $10.30

Shipping cost: FREE! 

This service is offered by Jamaica Postal Services. Packages are registered and can be tracked online here. You will be contacted as soon as your package is available for pick up. A valid government issued identification is required to pick up your package.

Delivery time is 1-2 Business Days AFTER your order has been processed.


ABOVE ROCKS   Creary Road, Above Rocks P.O.   Tel: 374-5375
ALLMAN TOWN   8 Vincent Street, Allman Town P.O. Kingston 4   Tel: 374-9767
BULL BAY   10 Miles, Bull Bay P.O. St Andrew   Tel: 364-7928
CENTRAL SORTING OFFICE   6-10 South Camp Road Kingston CSO   Tel: 364-9135
CONSTANT SPRING   191 Constant Spring Road Kingston 8   Tel: 364-6219
CROSS ROADS   100 Slipe Road Kingston 5   Tel: 364-6316
DENHAM TOWN   1 Albert Street Kingston 14   Tel: 375-5232
GENERAL POST OFFICE   13 King Street  Kingston   Tel: 858-2414
GORDON TOWN   Gordon Town P.O. St. Andrew   Tel: 375-5432
HALF WAY TREE   89 ½ Half Way Tree Road Kingston 10   Tel: 364-6119
HARBOUR VIEW   Harbour View P.O. Kingston 17   Tel: 374-9874
JONES TOWN   Septimus Street, Kingston 12   Tel: 859-1127
LAWRENCE TAVERN   Lawrence Tavern P.O. St. Andrew   Tel: 375-5686
LIGUANEA   115 Hope Road, Liguanea Post Mall   Tel: 403-7470
MEADOWBRIDGE   6 Chancery Street, Meadowbridge P.O. Kingston 19   Tel: 364-6548
MONA   Hermitage Road, Mona P.O. Kingston 7   Tel: 374-9838
RED HILLS   Red Hills P.O. St. Andrew   Tel: 375-5957
STONY HILL   Stony Hill, St. Andrew   Tel: 374-9905
VINEYARD TOWN   63A Deanery Road Kingston 3   Tel: 374-9858
WHITFIELD TOWN   10 Waltham Park Road Kingston 13   Tel: 375-5116
WINWARD ROAD   95 Windward Road Kingston 2   Tel: 364-8320
WESTERN DISTRICT (MOLYNES ROAD)   109 Molynes Road Kingston 20   Tel: 364-6562    
    BOG WALK   Main Street, Bog Walk, St. Catherine   Tel: 386-7294
    BRIDGEPORT   Eberley Drive, Bridgeport, St. Catherine   Tel: 386-7389
    EWARTON   52 Main Street, Ewarton, St. Catherine   Tel: 389-8399
    GREGORY PARK   Cottage Drive, Gregory Park, St. Catherine   Tel: 386-7899
    GREATER PORTMORE   Lower West Henderson Blvd, St. Catherine   Tel: 386-7839
    LINSTEAD   14 Fletchers Avenue, Linstead, St. Catherine   Tel: 386-7945
    LLUIDASVALE   Union Road, Lluidasvale, St. Catherine   Tel: 389-8560
    OLD HARBOUR   23 East Street, Old Harbour, St. Catherine   Tel: 386-8233
    SPANISH TOWN   21 Adelaide Street, Spanish Town   Tel: 403-7021
    WATERFORD   1-3 Passage Fort Drive, Waterford, St. Catherine   Tel: 386-8615

    CHAPLETON   Main Street, Chapelton   Tel: 389-5880
    DENBIGH   Denbigh, Clarendon   Tel: 366-0597
    FOUR PATHS   Tel: 366-1798
    HAYES   Tel: 366-1519
    LIONEL TOWN   Tel: 389-6084
    MAY PEN   Sevens Road, May Pen   Tel: 403-7070
      GREEN ISLAND   Tel: 374-8397
      LUCEA   Church Street, Lucea   Tel: 857-9399
        CHRISTIANA   Main Street, Christiana   Tel: 362-7996
        KNOCKPATRICK   Knockpatrick District   Tel: 389-6916
        MANDEVILLE   18 South Race Course Road, Mandeville   Tel: 857-9924
        PORUS   Porus P.O.   Tel: 362-9076
        SPALDING   Spalding, Manchester   Tel: 362-9097
        WILLIAMSFIELD   Williamsfield District   Tel: 362-9789
          ST. ANN
          ALEXANDRIA   Charlton District, Alexandria PO, St.  Ann   Tel: 386-9542
          BAMBOO   Bamboo District, Bamboo PO, St. Ann   Tel: 374-9019
          BROWN'S TOWN   Main Street Brown’s Town PO, St Ann   Tel: 386-9642
          CLAREMONT   Claremont PO St Ann   Tel: 374-8822
          DISCOVERY BAY   Discovery Bay PO St Ann   Tel: 364-6110
          OCHO RIOS   Main Street, Ocho Rios   Tel: 364-5193
          RUNAWAY BAY   Runaway Bay PO, St Ann   Tel: 364-6102
          ST. ANN'S BAY   8 Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay PO   Tel: 857-8681
            ST. ELIZABETH
            BLACK RIVER   Tel: 857-9718
            JUNCTION   Tel: 362-5906
            SANTA CRUZ   9 Coke Drive, Santa Cruz   Tel: 362-769
            SOUTHFIELD   Tel: 389-6450
              ST. JAMES
              HALF MOON   Half Moon Hotel, Montego Bay, St. James   Tel: 386-9426
              MONTEGO BAY 1   Megre Bay Road, Montego Bay, St. James   Tel: 857-9183
              MONTEGO BAY 2   120 Barnett Street, Montego Bay, St. James   Tel: 857-9235
                ST. MARY
                ANNOTO BAY   Main Street, Annotto Bay, St. Mary   Tel: 385-9709
                HIGHGATE   Main Street, Highgate, St. Mary   Tel: 385-9658
                ORACABESSA   Main Street, Oracabessa, St. Mary   Tel: 389-8731
                PORT MARIA   6 Main Street, Port Maria, St. Mary   Tel: 857-8033
                RICHMOND   Main Street, Richmond, St. Mary   Tel: 374-7035
                TOWER ISLE   Shop #3E, Pompano Plaza, Tower Isle, St. Mary   Tel: 374-7252
                  ST. THOMAS
                  GOLDEN GROVE   Tel: 386-8931  
                  LYSSONS   Lyssons Road, Lyssons, St Thomas   Tel: 374-9621
                  MORANT BAY   43 Queens Street, Morant Bay, St Thomas   Tel: 857-5255
                  YALLAS   Yallahs, St Thomas   Tel: 366-4330
                    DUNCANS   Tel: 374-9025
                    FALMOUTH   Tel: 366-1863
                      FROME   Frome District   Tel: 386-5397
                      GRANGE HILL   Grange Hill P.O.   Tel: 386-5607
                      LITTLE LONDON   Little London District   Tel: 386-6270
                      NEGRIL   West End Road Negril   Tel: 386-5700
                      PETERSFILED   Petersfield District   Tel: 386-6159
                      SAVANNA-LA-MAR   105 Great George Street Savanna la mar P.O.   Tel: 857-9397
                      SHEFFIELD   Sheffield District   Tel: 386-6155
                      WHITEHOUSE   Sunrise Avenue Whitehouse Housing Scheme   Tel: 374-8099 
                        BUFF BAY   Tel: 382-3369   
                        FAIRY HILL   Tel: 383-0182
                        PORT ANTONIO   Tel: 857-6286
                        WINDSOR CASTLE   Tel: 404-1118