Nguvu Ankh Ring

Nguvu Ankh Ring

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This ring is handmade at our home studio located in Mandeville, Jamaica and is done to order. Please allow a processing time of 3-5 business days. Once processed, your ring will be ready for shipping.

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Dimension: 6mm wide x 1.3mm thick. Made from Copper and Brass.

Sizing: We recommend getting your finger sized at your local jewelry store to ensure an accurate fit.

The Ankh • not only is a symbol of Life but the elements that create life. The MduNtr symbol for the sound N, which represents a Wave and then the Mdu Ntr symbol for the sound KH, which represents Matter. These are key elements of the symbol of the ANKH or NKH. Wave plus Matter, to our Ancestors, produces the elements of Life.
Amen, Nun, Kek, Heh

The letters here, chanted together, would be a word-sound. This word-sound can now be described as the Ankh.

In the same way that in many Quantum Physics discussions, the God Particle or the Higgs Boson Particle is associated with a sound.

The Ankh, no matter how it may have been pronounced, represents the first key to the Mysteries of “The Creation of Everything”. The Ankh means more than life – it is the most ancient symbol of a code of sounds and primordial deities.

Take the names of the so called “chaos” Deities of the Khemnu or Ogdoad: Amen/Amenet, Nun/Nunet, Ku/Kukhet and Heh/Hehet. These resolve into the ANKH. The Ankh has four distinct sides and one of them is the Loop – Nun/Nunet. These four pairs were thought to be the Children of Tehuti and Maat. Both Tehuti (Vibration) and Maat (Order), and the four pairs themselves have their own forces.

With this, we can appreciate that Ancient Kemet (Egypt) was both Scientific and Spiritual.
A child in Ancient Kemet, for example, would have been told the creation stories and would have grown up understanding Science and Spirituality, both at the same time. Whereas an African Child in the Diaspora today is taught one of the Major Western Religions and later learns science and has to juggle between the two for comfort, or for discomfort.

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Nguvu Ankh Ring