Sterling Silver Personalized Jamaica Pendant

Sterling Silver Personalized Jamaica Pendant

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This pendant is handmade at our home studio located in Mandeville, Jamaica and is done to order. Please allow a processing time  5-7 business days. Once processed, your pendant will be ready for shipping.

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Pendant measures 3cm W x 1.2cm H and is 1mm thick

Engraving Options: Up to 5 Characters Allowed on the front and 4 characters allowed on the back.

Characters to choose from: Only a small heart symbol, letters, and numbers are offered on the back of the pendant.

Letters A-Z, Numbers 0-9, a Heart, a Flower, a Marijuana Leaf, a Treble Clef, an Ankh, an Om, a Lotus, a Graduation Cap, a Boy and a Girl.

Use the key below to specify the symbol you would like. 

  • Heart: <
  • Crown: @
  • Flower: *
  • Marijuana: %
  • Treble Clef: $
  • Ankh: =
  • Om: ~
  • Lotus: /
  • Graduation Cap: ))
  • Boy: +
  • Girl: ^

      Please note that Checkout will be in US currency. However, customers in Jamaica may make payment in Jamaican currency for the Bank Deposit/Transfer Option.

      You will be provided with polishing pads with your order as well as tips on jewelry care.


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