Winged Scarab Cuff Bracelet

Winged Scarab Cuff Bracelet

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This bracelet is handmade at our home studio located in Mandeville, Jamaica and is done to order. Please allow a processing time of 1-3 business days. Once processed, your bracelet will be ready for shipping.

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        The Scarab Beetle measures 2.7cm H and is made from Copper while the Wing is made from Brass.

        Stamping Letter: 2mm UPPERCASE Handwritten 

        The Scarab is associated with rebirth or self regeneration. The particular species of beetle represented in the numerous ancient Egyptian amulets and works of art was commonly the large sacred scarab beetle. This beetle was famous for it's habit of rolling balls of dung along the ground and depositing them in its burrows. The Ancients saw this to be similar to the role of the God Khepri who renewed the sun every day before rolling it above the horizon, then carried it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it, again, the next day.

        Please note that Checkout will be in US currency. However customers in Jamaica may make payment in Jamaican currency for the Bank Deposit/Transfer Option. 

        Disclaimer: NONE of our jewelry is plated/coated. Our Brass and Copper pieces are made from pure uncoated Brass and Copper respectively which naturally develops a patina (tarnish) when exposed to moisture. Your jewelry however can be easily cleaned and cared for :) You will be provided with polishing pads with your order as well as tips on jewelry care.

        Winged Scarab Cuff Bracelet